Hey, I won a giveaway!

In all the iPad weekend excitement, I forgot to mention that I had totally unexpectedly won a giveaway on [Barb Parry (sheepgal)’s blog. If you scroll back to March 26, you can see my prize: Celebrating her Sheep Shares, I will be getting 2 “fresh, crisp skeins of our hot-off-the-sheep Cormo wool lusciously blended with alpaca from a local farm and bombyx silk,” as well as the new book HandDyeing Yarn and Fleece (Storey Publishing) by Gail Callahan, Kangaroo Dyer.

Thank you so much, Barb, for quite an unexpected and delightful surprise! Barb’s sheep are lambing at the moment and her blog has absolutely the most adorable lamb photos on it. Plus, she owns Foxfire Fibers, which created the wonderful Cormo Alpaca Classic that I am using to knit Amy Swenson (Indigirl)’s Slow Curve sweater (see below).

(note 4/28: My prize arrived today and the 2 skeins of yarn are a creamy white color and feel as soft as can be; I almost don’t want to try to dye them! But I do want to read Gail Callahan’s book and am glad to finally see a copy of it.)

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  1. velmalikevelvet Says:

    congrats on your win! quite a nice combo. hope you’ll do a book review when you get a chance!

  2. Administrator Says:

    My prize just arrived today Velma—I’ll let you know how the book is when I get a chance to look through it.

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