How Moms Communicate

When you have three techy sons, I guess you learn to get with the program. Anyway, I took a screen shot to show how modern moms communicate with their kids—all at the same time!:

2 Responses to “How Moms Communicate”

  1. Twitchy Knitter Says:

    Too funny! My screen looks just like that. All 3 kids IM’ing me at the same time… from the next room!

  2. Cindy Kuo Says:

    I was just looking through your blog & came across this. I know exactly what you mean & I’m very thankful, every time I’m going nuts because all 3 of my kids are chatting with me through google at the same time that I’m having a hard time typing so fast, that I can communicate with them so readily. As I tell my kids “A text a day keeps the mother away”.

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