Time lost…

So, apparently I’ve lost 2 whole months of 2010, today being March 1st. So much for the New Year’s resolution of blogging more regularly! What can you do…sometimes real life just gets in the way of knitting, crafting and the online world. Family obligations have been keeping me busy.

In order to catch up, I’m just going to upload the photos that litter my desktop, with a brief description (maybe I’ll fill in details and links later), so you can have some idea of what I’ve been up to. Then we can hope for more consistent reports from here on out (yeah, right!).

First of all, a photo of the finished 24 mo. size baby sweater for my husand’s niece, Ada Louise. This is knit from a Shibui pattern out of Shibui sock yarn with a large hand-dyed silk ribbon that matches the yarn colors. I sewed a button on the top front of each side and crocheted a corresponding button loop out of matching embroidery floss to the gathered silk ribbon, so that the bow would be removable when one wanted to wash the sweater. It turns out the Shibui sock yarn worked quite nicely in the washer and dryer. With hand washing, the sweater grew…so it should fit for a couple years. Even though she is 14 months old already, walking and talking and as adorable as only a 14-month-old can be, Ada is still admirably tall and thin, so the sweater is large on her and should continue to fit for a good long while. The edges all around are trimmed with crocheted picots. It took way too long to knit. Next time I make a baby sweater, it is going to be in worsted weight yarn!

I actually managed to finish my winter scarf for the year (sometime along into January!): Mary Heather Cogar (rainydaygoods)’s triangular-shaped Simple Things Shawlette. I knit mine by holding two yarns together: 1 strand of Miss Babs red merino sock yarn and 1 very thin strand of Shibui silk mohair yarn. The shawlette came out rather grand, is unbelievably soft, matches my gloves and hat, and is very warm. It has been a godsend this cold winter and I just love wearing it Generally I wear it bandito-style, tying it around the back of my neck.

I enjoyed knitting the shawlette so much that I began a second one as part of a Twitter knitalong: the Traveling Woman Shawl by Liz Abinante: However, I have barely started the first lace portion of the shawl because I seem to have developed quite a problem with dropping my yarnovers and then being unable to figure out how to pick them up after I’ve purled them on the wrong side row (being unable to “see” them and the way they should go). The shawl is being knit from Spirit Trail Fibers “Frija” sock yarn (80% superwash merino, 10% cashmere, 10% nylon) in the glorious blues of the Tierra del Mar colorway. Somehow I don’t think it will be finished before spring arrives. I also joined Kitchen Sink Dyeworks knitalong for the Pavo Real (Spanish for “peacock”) Shawl by Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark, which I planned on knitting out of Kitchen Sink Dyeworks’ Luxe Merino Fine fingering/sock yarn in a mix of soft tidepool blue-greens. However, I haven’t even had a chance to wind my yarn skein into a ball yet!

I also made a halfway decent start on the back of Amy Swenson (indigirl)’s Slow Curve sweater, knit from Foxfire Fiber Cormo Alpaca Classic in Loon color. (I’ve had this aran weight yarn for several years and been loathe to knit with it because the skeins are so unbelievably soft and squishy!). However, after I’d reached this point, I began to worry about my sizing and decided to wait to continue until after I’d finished my Stefanie Japel “Fit Your Knits” online class. Held in January and continuing until Stefanie had her baby in February, this class was invaluable for figuring out how to alter a knitting pattern so that it exactly fits your own measurements. No more nasty surprises with sweaters that are too small or too large and ill-fitting. In February, I also subscribed to Annie Modesitt‘s online class on Combination Knitting as a refresher course for the in-person workshop of the same name that I took a few years ago when Annie visited with the Windy City Knitting Guild. Annie’s videos and information were very helpful and the online chats twice a week were filled with useful information not covered in the class handouts.

So, it isn’t like I’ve been totally idle. I’ve been in more of a learning and sampling mode than a completion mode I guess…although it’s practically time to put away the winter yarns and start a nice sweater for the summer!

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  1. Chaska Peacock Says:

    I love the items you are showing in your last post!!! Beautiful color and texture! I am a bit mystified, however, about what exactly you do, and the goal for your blog. Perhaps you have not decided…and if that is the case, then it would be impossible to keep up with it! I would love to know where your past two months went…..We all lose time, so this might have great interest for most of us!

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